Determine how and  with what realize an aerial sequence  is not an  easy task . Being  able to support productions  that must give concrete answers to film Directors and D.O.P.  is  the main prerogative of Italyhelicopter.  

Highly qualified pilots and many  helicopter  bases  around the country allow us  to provide helicopters close to your need .

 Day or Night.

From flying over city with twin-engine helicopters to the mountains or on the fantastic coastline of  the Mediterranian . The use of gyro-stabilized heads    provide highly stable  images even with the use of  a zoom.

 HD Video recorders and internal monitors allow real-time control of the shooting, giving as an important  result the minimum required flight time .

Often underestimated ,but from our point of view  fundamental in  filming  operations is to provide  control  of moving vehicles  such as cars , motorcycles  boats  planes, all this can be  possible with our  communication equipment, that allow us to communicate simultaneously on different channels, nautical,aeronautical and ground  to keep in touch with all members of the flight and ground  crew, allowing them to optimize timing, movements, and any roadblocks or action to be given . 

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 X BOX Official Forza Horizon 2

 VOLVO 2015 XC 90 T8

 007 SPECTRE    



 COSTA Rallenty 800 fps.     

COSTA Rallenty 800 fps.  



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Italyhelicopter  can count on a team of technicians, consultants and qualified pilots who have for many years perform such services. The individual  experience gained over the years in films and Commercials allows us to interpret the needs of Directors, Producers, and  Advertising Production Managers . Proposing the most appropriate equipment  for every single need. Our support starts from planning passing through the choice of the Helicopter company  to be used and finally the  actual construction of the shooting plan.

With the technical support given by companies such as Panalight-Italy we are able to  provide  highly advanced gyro-stabilized remote heads that support the use of HD cameras ( Arri,Red,Sony) or traditional Film ones both on  16 or 35 mm with the possibility of using different optical and zooms.  Our skilled operators and air coordinators can provide all necessary support to transform into reality the drawings  on the agency?s storyboards, giving to the product  an amazing aerial views  unapproachable in   other ways.

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