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Flight head V Advanced

The Flight Head’s unique gyrostabilized system , ensuring an extremely smooth and stable picture throught 300mm zoom range (film lens). Operated with hand wheels or joystick the Flight Head can be mounted on a wide variety of  vehicles helicopters and cablecam rigs, etc. Accepts most of motion picture, still and HD cameras Mitchell mount Compatible with most camera packages Sealed for rain, mud, snow,sand, etc.

  • Control: Joystick, handwheels, 
  • Setup time 30- 40 min

SPECIFICATIONS: Lenght 76cm    Width 56cm    Height 100cm  Pan range 360 ° continuos

  • Roll Range +100 °;250 ° Automatic Horizon Level
  • Tilt Range +80 °;165 °Pan Speed,Roll Speed, Tilt Speed 160 °/sec Temperature range from -30 °C up to +40 °С
  • Weight 24kg – 27kg (depending on a version of FlightHead)
  • Payload capacity up to 40kg
  •  POWER  24 30 VDC • 2 Amps Standby • 15 Amps Din..Max



  • Incomparable stability
  • Unlimited movements in all directions
  • Complete freedom to be mounted in any position: top, bottom, cantilevered; transitions can occur while operating
  • No need for leveling head
  • Keeps virtually perfect horizon even under continuous high G forces
  • Excellent static and dynamic stability allowing long lenses to be used
  • Wide payload inertia range
  • Silent in studio – rugged outdoor performance
  • Fiber optic lines insure optimal video quality
  • Extremely Low drift rates


  • Compact size and light weight
  • Quick system mounting for all rigs- Mitchell mount included
  • Quickly accepts both 4” and 6” yoke extensions to accommodate the longest payloads
  • Weather resistant – conformal coated electronics

System Type

7-axis carbon fiber gyro stabilized head

Head Weight

64 lbs (29 kgs)

 Head Dimensions L: 23.5” W:  8” H: 29.5” (60 cm x 20 cmx 75 cm)


 -20° to +50°C (-5° to 122°F)
 Pan, Tilt and Roll Limits 360° Continuous in all axes
 Pan and Tilt Speed Up to 240° / sec
 PayloadWide variety of camera and lens configurations. 75 lb payload plus


  • SpaceCam…mimicking SpaceCam operating conventions.
  • SpaceCam 2….maintains absolute control polarity with image on the screen even when camera is inverted.
  • Zedir Pan Mode…allowing straight up or down pan movements with system auto-leveling when horizon is about to enter frame.
  • Hard Mode…unstabilized, locked totally to position of mounting (coming soon)

Sub Modes:

  • Follow Mode…selectable individually for Pan, Tilt and Roll
  • Roll Stick…selectable velocity and position control modes. In position mode, roll returns to position of origin when roll stick is released.


  • Stick functions swappable for lefties
  • Dynaglide wheel control unit. Various wheel inertias available upon request as well as optional variable drag system
  • Optional pan bar (Cartoni E-Cube)
  • Optional military style strain gauge hand-held joystick
  • Controls can be individually tailored for all aspects of control response, polarity, smoothing, etc.
  • Option for remote power on/off for cable rigs and cranes
  • Wireless operation up to 1.5 miles (2.4 kms) with option of 10 miles (16 kms)
  • Motion record and motion playback capability
  • Control console magnetically attaches for swift change-ups
  • Dedicated controls for 95% of common functions
  • Console weight is 6.5 lbs (2.3 kgs)
  • Sculpted foam magnetic lap console mount available


Maximus 7 is the most versatile 7 axes gyro stabilized head on the market today. It’s ability to go from camera car to studio makes it the “go to” head for all your filming needs including:

  • Telescopic Cranes
  • Camera Cars
  • Boats
  • Studio
  • Jib Arms
  • Standard Cranes
  • Dollies
  • Cable Rigs
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV’s
  • Motorized Arm Cars
  • Helicopters
  • R.T.V.L.  (Real Time Video link)
  • A new Video transmission system on a multy-channel device( from 2.400 Mhz to 5800 Mhz)   can assure a good distance range of an analogic signal ( on an open sea situation can arrive up to 3 Km. with a 2 on 3 receiving signal) provided with directional antennas on the ground  and omni directional antennas placed on different sides of the helicopter to cover any position needed for the shooting .
    Continental Mount
The Continental Mount was born years ago to address the need to carry cameras and place them on the door of the helicopter. The system allows you to balance the weight of the camera and have it neutral , additional gyro stabilizers provides an inertial platform managed directly by 'operator, achieving excellent results of stability.
The Continental Mount can be mounted on both sides of the helicopter and allows, in case of use of traditional cameras to be able to change mags of  film in flight without having to land . The working angle useful to shoot is 100 ° pan and 70 ° tilt of these angles can be expanded with special maneuvers the helicopter.

H360 Belly Mount 

In fase di studio avanzato ma non ancora omologato  si trova il progetto H360 capace di dare massima libertà di movimento alla MDP permettendo rotazioni di 360° e fornendo con un solo Mount la possibilità di effettuare frontali e posteriori di mezzi in movimento senza dover cambiare mount sull'elicottero.

Under study but not yet approved the  H360 project capable of giving maximum freedom of movement to the MDP allowing rotations of 360 ° and providing with one Mount the possibility of making  front and rear of moving vehicles without having to change mount on 'helicopter.
Cineflex HD

System Type  5-axis gyro-stabilized, Full Digital Servo   
   and Control System, High Performance/  
Field of Regard  Automatic and Steerable
Azimuth Coverage   360° Continuous
Elevation Coverage   +20° to -195°
Roll Coverage   +/- 45°
Slew Rate  >55°/sec
Maximum Slew   100°/sec
Position Resolution  .001°
Electronics  High Speed 32bit DSP
Communication Links Bi-directional RS422 and RS232
Operating Temperature -20° to +45° C
HD Daylight Imager
Camera   Sony HDC-1500
Imaging Device  3-CCD 2/3˝
Effective Pixels  1920(H) x 1080(V)
Aspect Ratio  16:9
Frame Rates  1080/60p-50p-30p, 1080/60i-50i, 1080/24p-25p,   
Spectrum System  F1.4 prism system
Built In Filters  1: Clear, 2: 1/4ND, 3:1/8ND, 4:1/16ND, 5:1/64ND
   A: Cross, B: 3200K, C: 4300K, D: 6300K, E:8000K
Servo Filter Control  Yes
Sensitivity  F10 at 2000 lx (3200k, 89.9% reflectance)
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 54dB (typical)
Horizontal  1000 TV lines
Item Weight Dimensions
Turret (dependent on lens) 65-68 lbs. 14.5˝ x 19.5˝ x 19.5˝
Auxiliary Control Unit 27 lbs. 14˝ x 19˝ x 6˝
Laptop Control Unit 5 lbs. 17˝ x 8.75˝ x 1.8˝
Cable Set 9 lbs. (20´ length)
380 Crown Point Circle   
   Grass Valley, CA 95945   
Specifications are subject to change. International sales are subject to ITAR restrictions. Memory Stick
V14 HD
 is a registered trademark of the Thales Group.
Gyro-Stabilized HD
Input Voltage  28 Vdc ± 10%
Power – Quiescent  85 Watts
Power – Continuous 170 Watts
Power – Transient  230 Watts
Main Control Unit
Interface   Digital serial (RS-422)
Incorporated Camera Accessories
Sony HKC-T1500 CCD Block Extension Adaptor
Sony RM-B750  LCD touch-panel screen, direct 
   push buttons plus Memory
 media card slot to recall 
   setup parameters
Lens Options
The camera system can be adapted for multiple lens  
configurations upon request.
 40 x 11 AIF-HR (11mm to 880mm optical,  
   1760mm digital)
 40 x 22 AIF-HR (22mm to 1760mm optical,  
   3520mm digital)
 HA 42 x 13.5 (13.5mm to 1134mm optical,  
   2268mm digital)
 HA 42 x 9.7 (9.7mm to 815mm optical, 
   1630mm digital)
 HA 22 x 7.8 (7.8mm to 343mm optical, 
   686mm digital)
 HA 13 x 4.5 (4.5mm to 117mm optical, 

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